August Hero Balance Patch


I love that Nightgales heal was reduced it was a problem, Heimlock I feel didn’t need it, Panzer didn’t need it, Ifrit needed that


Have to say I kind of annoyed by some of this. I understand fixing the bugs with Ifrit, but nerfing other healers, especially nightengail’s legendary skin skill was uncalled for. Neither her nor hemlock’s abilities made a team unstoppable.


First of all u was fooling us by many things
1- every single new hero must be 3 stars so u got more money from us to get that hero to 10 stars
2- every single new hero is too op so all of us spend more money for that op hero
3- new hero nerf as if u didn’t knew that he will be op really?(like u the creators didn’t knew that ifrit plat skill combined with flatline is op)
4-the game now is all around money so enjoy the quitting waves I know 5 from +600k leaving now so I can say good job
5- this is not the game we fall in love with u are ruining every thing
6-whenever the ppl discover that certain heroes are good together u gonna nerf those heroes good luck nerfing the game
7- this game is dollars based game so don’t speak about fairness


All the nerfs seem warranted from what I have experienced. This is coming from someone who uses all the heroes that got hit.

I think Panzer, Heimlock, and Nightingale just kind of fell by the wayside with the current Ifrit/Flatline problems.


Look HH its becoming ridiculous with releasing a new hero then nerfing it. Pvp is constantly changing now, i feel like i am just wasting my money on heros that wont have any potential after a week when you release a new “update”. You nerf a bunch of healers in the process now. HH you are just doing too much right now. Honestly just take a step back and stop making soo many changes. You are ruining this game with the constant tweaks. Idk who to upgrade anymore in fear of them being nerfed. This game has gone waaaay down hill in the last couple months with what the devs are doing idk how much longer people will stick around including myself


Finally a reply! Though I think this bandaid patch is not enough. But thanks!

PS. Defaulting to trust is already the disposition of the community since I started playing this game in February. You just fudged it up in at least the last three succeeding months. Respect begets respect. You have treated us like passive spectators for the wild few months, that went out of control because you failed to communicate well. Because you guys think that silence is ok. Have some self-awareness HHG. AND do reply even if it’s just for acknowledgment.


I do not understand why the nightingale reduces its healing as if reviving an ally. I had it in my team to resist my tanks. Now I will not succeed thanks to that last patch … ifrit, Heimlock are fine, but the nightingale did not have to lower his healing.
and panzzer because if it’s easier to kill with the August update but now with the new patch, it will be useless


Every single new hero that has come out has been nerfed after everyone puts $$$ and time into it. There is definitely a pattern developing… it’s why I don’t even bother anymore… just get smarter people and enjoy what you can out of the game



This is all good and fine. I never expected anything else than a fix, quick or slow. Thanks for this!

Is this being pushed via an app update? I can’t yet find an update


Longtime lvl 70 user, probably spent near $700 on this game so far. Concern over these recent updates have made me join this forum.

Enjoyed HH tremendously up until the last few weeks. I recently spent $300 on gold to acquire Ifrit crates and build him up quickly. What followed was the worst losing streak in PvP ever. Came here to figure out what is going on.

From my point of view this seems like a bait and switch. Ifrit is unable to compete at the same level of similar ranked heros. From my testing he performs nearly 40% worse than similar powered heros.

I work for a tech startup and can sympathize with the pressure a community forum can put on developers and product managers. Although, you never want to trick the top tier paying customers who usually never make requests.

I’m left wondering what my options are. I’ve never asked Apple to refund in-app purchases but this flip flop has me considering. Ifrit just has no place in my lineup going forward.

Other than this issue I’ve really enjoyed playing everyday. Great game, awesome variety, and balanced adjustments (except recently).



I bet that somewhere in the terms and agreements we all agreed on it states that Hothead can change anything at any time in the game without prior notice or something like that and our decisions to spend money must be weighed against the terms. It’s not easy getting through with a buyer’s remorse I mean.


Could you clarify what you mean when you say worst losing streak ever? Prior to his nerf today Ifrit’s plat had no equal, it was truly game breaking.

However, if you meant a non-plat Ifrit, well tbh he wasn’t the greatest threat in pvp. There were/are better healers to match his Bronze skill, his Silver skill was unique and annoying but not overpowered, and his Gold skill did not scale up well.

Absolutely I agree with this statement and both of the points it makes.

I’d go further to add that you’d never want to trick any customers (not just the top tier ones). It is a serious issue to release an overtuned hero and pull back the brakes after people have spent money and time on it. Fool us once shame on us, fool us twice shame on you (or is it the other way around)… but whichever the case, there may never be another third time.

I’d also add that we have seen some top tier customers come in here and complain… that is a reflection on how bad some things are.

I would not call myself a top tier customer, but let’s just say that I am some way over VIP 10.

And it is foolish for HHG to think that people will be conned after Oracle, Panzer and Ifrit. They have to get it right in September. I’ll wait that long but if it turns out to be the same mess, I cannot say whether I’ll stay or go. Fornite is coming out on the Samsung Note 9, and as a gamer I have options.

This is correct, but kinda unrelated to what we are talking about. No one doubts they have the legal right to change their game as they feel is best for them. But there is a point of reckoning when their use of this legal right that hurts the interests of the player base.


I do agree with a lot of people here Nightingale, panzer and heimlock nerf feel useless, they weren’t good, only in the ifrit situation. Same with ifrit his bronze skill, didn’t need a nerf.

Only ifrit needed a stop and revive limit, nothing more


Concur. I just fought a match and was up 5v2 only to have Ifrit rez all of them and then turn the match around. Did I see that right? That multiple heroes were rezzed simultaneously? How about one rez per heal usage? Also, they should not be coming back at full health, imo. The Ifrit nerf went too far with his lower tier skills not far enough with his platinum. The other healers didn’t need a nerf, with the possible exception of Nightingale CM, which only needs a slower charge time.


Lmfao and you call me a troll. This is the third topic ive read in the few mins I’ve been here that you’re trying to attack someone based on their opinion. Sorry bud, but the only troll here, is you. Crawl back under the bridge and let the adults talk.


I have to agree most the changes are welcomed, especially so quickly this time. But like others have said nightingales legendary skin was about the only thing that actually made her useful and wasn’t over powered. And I don’t believe a second panzer nerf was necessary. Just my opinion though, thanks for all the hard work!


Well said buddy. I agree with you completely.


The 3rd tier of Nightingales skin didnt even give her power, but it turned a 60k heal into a 220k teamheal.

It was a huuuuge upgrade when the skills are supposed to a sidegrade.


Agree with the “bait switch” sentiment. I feel bad for those who put everything into the new heroes. But as long as we keep letting it happen why would the devs change… I have quit doing it for this very reason.

Still love the game…



It’s hard to feel sorry for people that invested a ton of money into Ifrit, with them knowing full well he was OP and they were just trying to “buy wins”. On the other hand HH really shouldn’t dangle this fruit in front of people, they should released better balanced heroes from the start.

As it stands the changes were for the better in the game. The Ifrit/Flatline combo was ridiculously OP. Ifrit is still a really good hero, he just doesn’t guarantee you wins anymore. Now instead of infinite revives you will only get 2 or 3 tops. Still a lot though.