August Events Calendar


What happens when the daily calendar reaches day 10 and there are no more days?


Yeah, I also wonder why we got so much less hero frags from the calendar :frowning_face:


Because we get more frags from PVP crates. :slight_smile:


I hope it resets once you get to the 11th day. Otherwise it would feel like a bad trade.

Last month calendar gave 150 gold and 55ish frags in 30 days. This gives only 100 gold and 40 frags.

It’s better for the casual gamer that misses a few days every month, but worse for daily players.


I hope it cycles with only the frags changing. it would give 300gold a month yum.


Any idea which faction is next?


Not yet. Wesson (next hero) could be either UAF or Kurt’s ally. So it should be either a KLG faction or a UAF faction, again. But who knows.


Another uaf is weird in my opinion


Yeah we had Double UAF just some week ago.


@gtsaiko @ulfpam wesson have a chance to be 7* mech hero


While I’d love it, I have a hard time believing that, since they will probably add him to dojo/city, since they only announced one hero. I think we got get a 7* unless they add two heroes on the same month hall


I’m stressed out not knowing next months faction yet.


I hear ya there! If I had to make an educated guess though I’d say its probably going to be UAF, since colonel wesson is UAF


But UAF again? We just, literally just, had UAF month.


@ULFPAM yeah your right cause june was Patriots and July UAF. But being colonel Wesson is UAF thats just my guess.


Maybe he’s a Shoremen in disguise? Or a Magistrate? I hope for Magistrates.


Always a possibility! Lol


Im thinking magistrates as they featured late last month


Was Morlocks featured somehow during Patriots month? If so then we can see a pattern. :slight_smile:


I think there was the Razordome, and maybe the Callidus showdown. But nothing about the whole Morlocks faction