August 2020 Update Notes - The Krieger Update

Although I do appreciate the yeager buff and enjoy using him, I was hopeful at ruby that I could actually gain multiple charges of mach ten. This is not the case and when i look at it after you shield it takes 3-5 seconds for mach ten to even register. Most of the time i do not see the buff listed for him. This was his biggest downfall when he was originally nerfed, his platinum skill stopped working, my thoughts make it permanent and reduce charges to 5. If his platinum skill wasn’t useless he would be amazing.


Agreed, pre-nerf Yeager was very fun to use, but now his plat never comes into effect. He could definitely use a rework of that ability.

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The Venomdome is surprisingly fun

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Thanks for the venon tokens devs.

      -   DOOM THE GREAT
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