April 2021 Community Brawl Registration

Every 3 months as you all well know, we do our community run events and so it is time for the second event in 2021! I know some of you were disappointed with the rewards last time so this time we have improved it for those looking to upgrade their heroes and unlock those new Teraventa heroes.

We followed the polls and we heard what you all wanted, this event is going to be Platinum duels only without any hero restrictions.

Rewards are as follows

:1st_place_medal: - 3x FF Crate tokens, 1x Platinum MK5 core & 1x Platinum MK6 Core

:2nd_place_medal: - 2x FF Crate tokens & 1x Platinum MK5 core

:3rd_place_medal: - 1x FF Crate token & 2x Gilded tokens

How to join?

If you are interested in these rewards and think you can come out on top then simply follow these instructions:

  1. Join the community brawl discord server, this is not the same as the community server, see the link here: (I made it nice and big for people who can’t find the link) Click it and join the server.


  1. Go to to the channel called #Player-info and follow this format:
    In Game Name:
    Alliance Tags:
    Alliance Name:
    Time Zone in UTC:

That’s it, you’re done! No complicated process as before, we have simplified it as much as possible to maximise our playerbase, the more popular you make these events and the bigger they get, the more chances for great rewards you will get down the line.


Once you have joined the server you MUST put your information into the #player-info channel or you will not be entered into the brackets for the tournament. Once you have done this you will be asigned a number and a role that makes your name green, this makes you a confirmed participant. Once your name has turned green you MUST NOT LEAVE THE SERVER. Thank you.

For those of you who don’t use discord and want to take part, please use the following format and post your information below on this forum thread. Be aware that you are responsible for your matches however and you will be unable to make disputes without posting on the brawl server. For the best experience please join the server using the above link.

Forum Registration Format:

In Game Name:
Alliance Tags:
Alliance Name:
Time Zone in UTC:
Discord Name (if applicable):
Forum name:


Interesting… count me in.

Forum Registration

In Game Name : J A D O
Alliance Tags : TNEWS
Alliance Name : The New Squad
Time Zone in UTC : PST
Forum name : J_A_D_O


I am bumping this post as this is likely going to be our biggest and most popular tournament yet, the registrations have been open for 8 days and we have 122 players already. That is around 15 players a day average, we can only accommodate 256 players at maximum so if you want to sign up then I advise you do this sooner than later as we may run out of spots. The event begins on the 26th, get signed up and get your chance to win those MK5 and MK6 cores. Thanks

Alliance ballzdeep
Alliance tag blzd1

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In Game Name : TheGoodLife357
Alliance Tags : WARF
Alliance Name: Warfighter
Time Zone in UTC: GMT+2
Discord Name (if applicable): TheGoodLife357
Forum name: DanTheMan3356

Any reason why you can’t join the brawl server? It makes things much easier if you can enter on discord as you will stay up to date on the server with announcements, bracket information and the schedule

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Oh I could I suppose, I just use the forum more then I do discord.

Since this last message 21 hours ago we have gained an additional 44 people. There are 90 spots left, join now or you will lose your chance at a place. Average 18 places a day are disappearing, the event begins on the 26th.

Good luck to everyone who enter! Excited to see how this one turns out :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

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Forum Registration

In Game Name : SURAJV7
Alliance Tags : XOGX
Alliance Name : OG MAFIA
Time Zone in UTC : IST
Forum name : Suraj_Vinod