April 2019 Update Notes (OUT NOW)

I think you should post the conditions how to play war, like how many players etc etc more data please

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Awesome! Keep up the good work guys and gals

They collect feedback all the time by analyzing their game and how 10.00’s of people play it. What 3 persons on here write and if 10 or 30 liked a post doesn’t mean they can change the game accordingly. I have never, ever, evernever seen a group of 20 players making a change by posting stuff on a forum. I have seen people with the same hope you display though, and I’ve seen them get disappointed.

Of course the developers will say “thanks” because it’s heartwarming to see fans express themselves, and stuff like “we’ll consider this” because it’s polite.

Small changes happen all the time. And I have faith that the developers will make drastical changes to their product when they see these sre needed for good game health. What you and some forum dwellers consier “major flaws” might not be so major if the game is healthy overall.

That you were expecting stuff like what you state above, new voicelines and whatnot, is simply not realistic sadly. Take it for what it is. Keep an eye out for what rewards the alliance war will bring, and keep in mind that May is close AF.

Also I never said anything about 2 weeks. So right back at you, look carefully at what I actually said. :slight_smile:

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Still no update ??? when is the update coming ???



“A few” often definitely refers to more than 2, at least where I’m from! :smiley:
“A couple” would be 2, 3 maybe. “A few” I use for anything beyond that up to 9, but not 10.

You guys complain too much. Who cares? Itll be here when its here. You act like your life revolves around this game…


So when is Kurtz joining the hunt? Just saw the Hero Trailer on YouTube…

If they actually drop the update first

Really unfair iOS is not updated at the same time devs. Again.

Yes. And when you think about ios is a much better powerful :joy:

Mine de rien, on attend toujours les victoires rapide sur le mode défi


It’s not hero hunters fault. It Apples process. Be patient. You will all survive.

They didn’t say biggest. They said one of the biggest

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New maps for PvP would super awesome

I dont think anyone here knows what that is lol

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And when will you inform us about the hard mission frags chenges??
Because maven DISAPPEARED and i never saw something about this…

The fix would not be all that difficult. Submit the iOS update first thing in the morning, monitor for when it’s approved by Apple. Then immediately drop the Android update. Voila, updates are released fairly close together, instead of hours or in some instances days.

In my experience Apple tends to be a pain when uploading apps on its store. Can take from 1 day till 5 days because they can have random small issues for shitty reasons. If they give a margin of 3 days it still could be a day late. Or too early.

Good thing you said it first.