April 2019 Update Notes (OUT NOW)

And when will you inform us about the hard mission frags chenges??
Because maven DISAPPEARED and i never saw something about this…

The fix would not be all that difficult. Submit the iOS update first thing in the morning, monitor for when it’s approved by Apple. Then immediately drop the Android update. Voila, updates are released fairly close together, instead of hours or in some instances days.

In my experience Apple tends to be a pain when uploading apps on its store. Can take from 1 day till 5 days because they can have random small issues for shitty reasons. If they give a margin of 3 days it still could be a day late. Or too early.

Good thing you said it first.

Amazing update as always, Thanks devs

Hi any news about rangers token ?

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And what about the New raid ?! 6fragments for the lvl85 but a limit of 8frags per Day… It. S better to trade a lower lvl…

Obliger de faire des caractères

But there wasn’t supposed to be any other changes. “No other patch notes. What you see is what you get.”

Devs viral spores needs the 30% increased she is a sniper and hits only every 1 1/2 second. I can barely get 1 viral spore ever.

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Therefore I can out heal with bucket

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Maven was taken out of Hard stages and replaced with Kaishi.

And Halo is joigning thé hard mod ! Good changes !

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I noticed this as well. Why bother doing the level 90 raid that gives 6x2 fragments for 12 total when the max for the new hero is still set at 8 per day? I can do the 55 raid twice and get max frags for a fraction of the effort.

By doing the level 90 raid twice, will the extra Briar frags be converted to heronium? I don’t see anything about having them applied to other heroes like how it’s currently set up?

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Speak English please, I don’t understand French language


It looks awesome thanks for the hard work!

Google translate bro


Best. Comment. Ever. But yes I would also like to know what the point is in doing 90+ raid when we wont be getting the 4 frags over the limit anyway

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So Maven frags being taken out of Hard levels wasn’t mentioned yet has happened so I guess there is more going on than what’s listed in the update notes

I think you’re taking my message out of context, but no, we did not list the Hard Mode fragment location adjustments.