April 2019 Events Schedule! (Updated schedule!)


@Grizzly Where are we going to get Halo and Keel fragments going forward? Also, thank you for adding Flatline to the store!!!


No bounty for Rangers??


It’s for both. Rangers and mercs
Does anyone read the comments??

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Yes and devellopers don’t mentionned it…


but you can see it, at the last PVP tournament in April, Prophet is pictured,
and this one belongs to the Rangers


Huuuuuum… They dont asked for Pvp but for HUNT…


Many comments the other day that is the fools day. Basically the new hero is Briar and is a biochem. And in bounty we will use rangers and mercenaries as a double faction this time? Am I right @Muninn and @Grizzly. Just so I know what heroes to invest for now. Thanks


What we posted here is accurate. We wouldn’t mislead you on actual game content. Thanks.


If you’re just looking at the events, sure. Wait for the update post!

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Much appreciated. Thanks


Kobold is not getting replaced in the gauntlet store…she is just getting added to dailys


At this rate, gauntlet heroes are only going to be there for 2 months before getting swapped out.
The PVP heroes seem to stick for 3 months if they switch 3 every month.

Seems like the more stable heroes to grind heronium are in missions. Unless you get unlucky. Curse u Hothead!


Gauntlet heroes change every 3months! 3 Heroes and the oldest change every months! If you have a good heronium pool, it will taked a maximum of 1month for a 10star, so 2month of heronium! It’s a good deal…


What about the rest of us? 2 months of somewhat or almost getting there to a 10 star and then “hehe go screw yourselves till we shift those heroes back in who knows when. Come grind on these new set of heroes till we switch them out halfway b4 you can collect any meaningful amount from them so we can leave you in a perpetual state of blue balls.”


I been dealing this since they removed Clyde but this made me laugh. I found a pro in this that eventually every character will be rotated out so you can have everyone to 6* or 7* range before they go off.

The drawback is that there won’t be Heronium source for us little new players. If anyone has noticed - the PvP rewards earlier used to give away elemental frag (my first two months of playing this game) but now two fixed character frag. Not complaining but just stating the change in PvP reward as well.

I would ask players to adapt. I am sure Baron or Beck could be removed from Campaign which does affect me a bit but it’s not like when they removed Halloway. I just expect bit stability because players invest 14 to 16 energy on campaign and if you change character it affects the grinders.

Kunochi has 5 missions (like Savage) - for grinders to grind out. But I haven’t cleared 13-9 (hard) and everyone knows at how hard that stage is. I would say to keep 5 or more missions within 13-9 (hard) for at least one character so some grinders can actually put some significant work into it.


I just want the 6 fragments back at level 80 of the cooperative assaults. It makes me a garbage to receive 3-4 :pensive:


When’s the next app update?


I wanna say after bounty

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For the sake of information, BUMP!


Absolutely correct my friend I agree!!:+1::+1: