April 2019 Events Schedule! (Updated schedule!)

If you guys are tired of waiting, I can always let the team know that they can cancel it and not bother until next month :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Muninn I think people will like that lmao. That means no nerfs haha

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Please don’t. I want to unlock Briar.

Go for it. Would be interesting to see a dev back up this claim. Would be even more entertaining to watch ppl collectively lose their mind =P

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I never complain about “oh this toon needs a nerf or buff” honestly that grind my gears just play the game and enjoy lol

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No bounty event over Easter and not having an event this past weekend provides much needed breaks from the action. Thanks devs!


I am also very much enjoying this break. Always having an event is tiring


Tell em to take their time. Rushing leads to problems that could’ve been dealt with by being patient.
Plus, more Hivemind and Halo frags for us :slight_smile:

I think the 1 character a month model they’re doing is already overly taxing. I don’t see it as sustainable unless they’re team is really that big, so I’m not surprised at delays. I’d rather they implement more fun and challenging events. More side quests like guild war and simulations are awesome.

That’s precisely what I suggested 6 posts above yours. I’m generally pretty patient. Wouldn’t be the end of the world for us. Might mess things up for you guys though. I think many are only chomping at the bit because of the expectation that it’ll be out the next day. But if you push it back to next month, after the initial whining/tantrums, most will go with the flow, then moan if it doesn’t meet their expectations; y’all can’t win; you know that, right?

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Its both , both rangers and mercs

Il y a les rangers et mercenary mais pourquoi, que les mercenary reçoivent le bonus ??

The splash screen on the loading screen is cool :+1::+1: Can’t wait to check out the new features. Big thank you to the devs! :smiley:

Can someone tell me y halo is in the head mission were baron used to be but halo is still in pvp , my stores hasn’t changed

Restock the store and check again.

Ur awesome, ty it worked…

Dose anyone know who is in the bounty this weekend

Mate… Just scroll up… You’re literally in the post that has all of that explained :joy:

Ghillie suit sniper, Ginger beard John Cena, Terminator but with crossbow gun, Gentleman robot who hunts preys with his bear trap but controlled by someone, Aussie Joker who wants to fill his pocket money by doing vagabond-natured bounty hunting and a Welsh gal who practices botanomancy that turns out to have really low numerical value.


What is this, somesorta Suicide Squad?!