Another complaint

With new update the game just changed into THIS


it happens to me every game I play in PVP or a game of cooperative

This even happened to me twice in a row, i mean it just reopened, whats there to be desynchronized?

Desyncs can happen for a whole bunch of reasons. The best way to help us track them down is to log a ticket with Player Support so they can include all of the details about the desync in a bug report :slight_smile:

It happens to me when I change account and I play a game in pvp

It’s been happening to me since yesterday, anytime I let my phone shut off and exit the game then try to re-open and play right after

Please investigate this desync issue. I tried it on both my ISPs and same result.

Same, also when i try to check daily quests or check pvp store, or check pvp blitz, or check alliance chat, or try to see info of my heroes