Anniversary Update Sneak Peek 1: SKINS!

You asked for it, you got it! For our first Anniversary Update Sneak Peak, we’re proud to announce that every Hero who does not currently have a Common Skin will be getting one in the new Anniversary Update!

That’s a lot of Skins! Get them from the Skin Crate, or craft them with Skin Nanodust!

This means that now, every Hero in the game will have at least one Skin!

There’s plenty more to come as we approach the release of our Anniversary Update. For now, check out all of the new looks you’ll be able to apply to your Heroes when the Update launches later this month!

All Skins - Listed Alphabetically
  • 4-Cep - Operational
  • Alvarez - Downpour
  • Anvil - Cobalt
  • Artemis - Plum
  • Astrix - Dust
  • Briar - Rose
  • Brogan - Luau
  • Bucket - Sunrider
  • Carabina - Arboreal
  • Cinder - Quenched
  • Colonel Wesson - Rear Admiral
  • Commando - Fatigues
  • Duran - Ocean
  • Elite Rifleman - MK. V
  • Fischer - High Visibility
  • Ifrit - Vault
  • Irezumi - Kashmir
  • Jarek - Golden
  • Kaishi - Dart
  • Klayton - Bling
  • Kobold - Toxic
  • Kunochi - Apprentice
  • Kurtz - KLG
  • Lancer - KLG
  • Min - Acid Burn
  • Nightingale - Scout
  • Odachi - Temple
  • Operator - KLG
  • Oracle - Savannah
  • Panzer - Aqua
  • Phalanx - Crimson
  • Phoenix - Reborn
  • Pris - Arctic
  • Purifier - Resistance
  • Richter - Demolition
  • Ronin - Mandarine
  • Ryker - Iron
  • Sentry - KLG
  • Serial - Expedition
  • Shank - Citrus
  • Shivs - Zinc
  • Siren - Jubilee
  • Steele - Away Team
  • Striker - KLG
  • Xianjiu - Peacock
  • Yeager - Meister

Which skins do you like the most? Let us know in the comments!


yeager meister hahahahaahhaa


So I was right about them being basic colour mapping skins!

I am so glad you guys decided to do this, helps spice up the looks of some of the heroes just by changing the colors.

Love it! Cinder looks dope especially


Was hoping for a legendary or two.

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Wesson looks like Navy Fleet Commander. :trident:


Put this meat on fire!!!


Very nice! Looking forward to seeing them in action!


It is very beautiful especially Astrix and siren


I always joke about this, but I think my phone’s really gonna blow up after this update.
in case you ever give me a new one?


Artemis skin looking awesome…


Love the new skins!! Super exciting :slight_smile: Also, love the sneak peak of the 2 new heroes :slight_smile:


Nice job on the skins. a little cvarity was more than enough

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Ryker without that moronic grin anymore. Yay!


Lol yeeessss can’t wait! This update is going to be genuinely amazing. Idk what else is happening but I thought last update was nuts…omg cants wait.


Can’t wait for you all to see the rest of the sneak peaks!! :sun_with_face:


I wanted to add a bit more context to this announcement.

What looks like a simple hue shift is actually a lot more complicated than you might think. Without going too much into inside baseball, Hero Skins, even Commons, aren’t as simple as moving an RGB slider, hitting Export, and calling it a day. Each Hero is made up of parts, and they’re not all built the same way. If you took the same color value on Odachi’s shoulder pad and applied it to Ryker’s, the color wouldn’t look even remotely similar.

Getting this many Skins into the game took a phenomenal effort from our art team, and I want to thank them for putting in the time and effort. It might not look like it at first glance, but the amount of love and effort that went into designing, producing, naming, scripting, and QA’ing this many Skins is nothing short of astounding.

This Skin content isn’t designed to generate revenue. This one is 100% for you guys. You asked for it! Use your Skin Nanodust and Skin Tokens to unlock these and level them up. This gives every single Hero a way to gain stat boosts. I’m glad this announcement has been well-received, and we’re looking forward to showing you the rest of the 3.0 update over the next little while!

absolute win


Give your designers a raise! Work looks amazing and looking forwards to what else this update holds for sure


My Fav is the new Artemis skin!


You guys left out Prophet skin. I didn’t see him on the skin list

Prophet already has a common skin. Heroes that currently do not have common skins are getting one with the new update.