Alliance Wars Season 3: Introducing Improvements!

Update is out for andriod but alliance war rewards are the same why???

Rewards are still not worth it. Four weeks for that? The first war you actually gave us some great rewards. Really made it worth it. Now I’m even wondering if I want to even try. Just sign up, who cares if you do anything. You’re still going to get something.

Edit: I went back and looked and maybe they’re not as bad as I originally first thought. Last time we only got one hero coin now we get two. It’s a gamble but you can get more fragments than you would have gotten from the rewards from the first season. But only if you’re lucky enough to pick up a five star or seven star hero with one or both coins. Otherwise you’re going to end up with less.

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You’ve not allowed us to convert gears to aw coin which were received from gw raid…

Gw raid is useless still you continue it… If its rewards are useles then change rewards which can help us for crafting other gears or convert it to aw coins…


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Seems like its enough to some people but honestly the gold and silver crate tokens are worthless espically at the higher ranks like me im level 90 and almost 1 million total power and honestly wars was why i was staying around im burnt out on bounties and pvo is still the same i dont play as its my choice so i was leaning on alliance wars the season 2 and 3 have the same amount of rewards pretty much its getting so close that i dont wanna do it no more cause the rewards really aint worth nothing all the way around other than alliance gems… i say give more frags just of the 7* heros just cause they are impossible to obtain and by more i mean more that 10or 15 frags of a hero that takes almost 600 to unlock i mean im pretty good with math and im sorry it dont add up

@Muninn @Skathi how come where the 2* zones and particularly 137 that they just took and is exactly the middle line with us and enemy but the other alliance is getting defence bonus like is their HQ. The picture will show you exactly what I am saying.

and is not just grafics because their team is like all 7* and I add all my 10* plat5 and it says 0% capturing the zone.

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And is not live updates on alliance wars. My players attack or add teams on zones and one of our zones get attacked but it doesn’t show live updates unless I get off the game and back in again but is to late as the sector is already taken by the enemy. Common HH. We had this issue before and back again now.

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Anyway the war is dead, this season with the zone bonuses, it’s dead we can do nothing, once everyone has occupied the desired space, when you approach an area with a 200k power team pass that want to make you

HH you have ruined the war, small maps and HQ with impossible bonuses


Basically HH you have time to flag my post but haven’t got time to respond in what we are saying or asking. Hope this is the best way to keep forum for the best info to get.


The improvements have ruined the essence of AW. Many in my alliance, including me. are giving up because it’s no longer fun. You get roadblocked with these high powered defenses you can’t beat. And then it becomes a shoot out in one area. It’s just silly and it’s not fun. Please remove the improvements and return to the original format. Don’t try to “tweak” the improvements.

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Your post was likely flagged by other members of the community not by the developers, there will be changes coming soon to AW just hold your pitchforks and torches and wait to see what’s coming and what is adjusted :slight_smile:

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Flagged by the community people. I guess you believe that to now. :joy:. Still they can respond to our comments we do In here. Particularly there is bugs and lags so they can just say we know about it and we will work on in. There is not live updates on the war. My players tell me we are under attack and I can’t see that. Refresh the game and I see the sector/s already taken. That’s a big issue as the war start turning against you at that point. You try to keep the enemy on that line but you can’t.

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I know the problem, i encountered massive lag last night as well. I was watching a sector that everyone was saying was under attack but it didn’t update until it was taken, this was a 2* node so 10 attacks were done before it updated. The problem is known, it will be counteracted and adjusted accordingly in time. There are a thousand and 1 bugs to get through and the small team can only do so much, please don’t forget that the people working behind the game work the same 9-5 jobs that you do and are trying their best despite the community trashtalking them (i’m not talking about you specifically but collectively here)

Remember to be kind when saying opinions and reporting bugs and issues :slight_smile:


This War we have 6 alliances fighting over 12 tiles in the middle (the centre 6 ring and each of the 2-star sectors at the tip of each alliance base).

Then each alliance has 4 sectors on each of their flanks which go back and forth.

All other tiles are defended with immense 100%/105% bonuses which make it impossible to penetrate past. Only sheer neglect and ineptitude in defending will allow a bonused sector to be taken by the opponent.

There is not alot of activity given the way shields work. Invariably, when shields come down you expect that sector to be attacked by the next guy (simply because, there is no where else to go).

So the same tiles get attacked and defended and shielded and recaptured. RInse and repeat for 6 days. It is very stale.

Some suggestions for the next War:

(1) If devs want to keep the Improvements (but it is only a matter of short time before everyone runs out of greens/bronzes and people have to pay 20,000 War Coins = 20,000 GOLD per plat Improvement), then a bigger map needs to be released.

(2) Not only a bigger map, but one with a dense centre and no chokepoints - like, 30-40 tiles in the centre in a huge ball or 30-40 tiles split into 3 wide seams; this will make it much more dynamic because it creates alot of strategies and paths for supply cuts and 2-star sector access.

(3) Alternatively, debuff base bonuses by, like, 75%.

(4) Floating central 2-star/1-star sectors will also make it more dynamic. For example, central 2 star sectors that change every 48 hours so that we don’t take and retake the same tiles over and over again; instead we need to forge and secure a new path for 2-star acquisition every 48 hours. (of course make the starred sectors float symmetrically so that no alliance is penalised by unequal distance).

(5) Reduce War Coin cost. Really, this is a big concern. The materials cost and the gold cost is ridiculous. My strong suggestion is… lower this before people like, get really, really upset. Right now it doesn’t cost anything because we are using unwanted gear to fund [the yucky] Improvements but when the gravy train runs out, it is gonna make people VERY upset when the pain comes.

Just some feedback.


Aside from the changes I suggested above, here are my personal opinions on the AW changes and especially, Improvements…

First of all, I really don’t like the direction of it, and the introduction of yet another currency, War Coins.

While it is good to use up our excess materials, the exchange rate is freaking scary and alarming.

Per plat Improvement is 20K items or 20K GOLD. Divided by between 20 to 25 players, are HHG really expecting that each player coughs up 800 to 1000 gold PER Improvement, PER War just to unlock an Improvement?

Secondly, the cost of Scouting has increased… reason given is that it’s because of Improvements. That’s really unnecessary inflation. It could not stay the same?

I actually thought Alliance Wars v1.0 (original) was pretty balanced. The only uses for Gold were Scouting (which has now increased) and Rushing your heroes to use them more than once per cycle. Pretty legit. I am sad that this changed.

But now, AW seems like it is going the direction of gold, gold gold.

As y’all know already I have never been against HHG making money on this game… BUT I have always urged the devs to offer Value, and to my mind at least… 20,000 gold per plat per improvement PER WAR, isn’t value… it’s extortion.


Can you point it out to me where I wasn’t kind about something when I only mention the bugs and lags when I am vip15 and I spend money on weekly basis and after I don’t get a reply but a flag instead because is something they don’t like. What is this We pay to get post flagged but not answer and then HH expect not to be pointed out. The post it was flagged is only a screenshot of costumer support not replying after I report something. And you telling me that others not part of HH have flagged that? Who are we kidding here? Unless someone can be deluded. ( and I am not mentioning you but in general ) :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I liked the idea behind the map so you can’t get choked out if you were the lowest power leveled team on the map, you still have somewhere to go, but that’s it. All the new “improvements” seemed like a money grab. Even if you reduced them significantly, they don’t make me say we NEED THAT BONUS. I thought the point of AW was balance without a pay to win option.

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Story cut short. This alliance war it was very super extremely boring. Extremely expensive and very greedy off HH from my point of view. And throughout the 5 days of wars it was a huge numbers of bugs and lags. Sometimes HH need to get used in hearing something they don’t like. And take it on the chin instead of flagging posts.

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