Alliance Wars Beta: The Haywired Edition


Thank you Haywire0311 for the in-depth analysis of this; even though we are not participating, your updates gives us an understanding of the alliance wars. Much appreciated…!


I know you are not in OWN KRAT.


Is called simply alliance wars and not all alliances against one. HH should do something that teams won’t team up with anyone as that is non sense. Let say that does happen to us most of the times as I won’t team up with anyone as you guys are doing. We will get fed up as is not fair. Is the second war and I am already fed up just seeing how alliances are being not fair at all. Just play your game and enjoy the game. But is in OWN blood to always cheat as everyone knows why they changed bounty rules of 25 max players to hit bounties as OWN use to swap players in between my friend. And basically cheating now as well. Putting you in the same map as the other OWN is not your fault and I understand that. But teaming up with another alliance that’s wrong my friend.


Wait what? Now I’m totally confused. You can’t team with other alliances? That’s cheating? From my understanding, you guys were looking to ally yourselves with one of the others on the map and got rejected. So is that cheating as well?

The logic you’re using for this makes no sense. Pulling the thread more on that logic, the world should have no alliances. World alliances, economic treaties, etc. shouldn’t exist. Everyone fend for themselves and leave each other be.

Forming treaties with other alliances is not called cheating. It’s called teamwork and communication.

As far as the bounty thing you’re referencing, that actually wasn’t OWN who developed that. It was 251 and some others. OWN just copied the strategy.


There’ll always be bad losers and really really bad losers.


Well, let’s 251 out of this, enough has been said in vip, 1 will say it happened endlessly others will say it happened 1 time, no reason to start that again.

Also 251 is gone so why talk about it


They’re will be bad losers and there will be some bad people that always go against a truth that you don’t like.


We didn’t try to team up with none and that’s the good part of you trying to cover up. Get it done by yourself and don’t team up instead of trying to find excuses and prizing your self how amazing you are in teaming up with another alliance.


We have alot of cry babies here @Haywire


I honestly don’t get this guys’ issue


All this over and I wanna say what I think about this.

First you make a pool with alliances witn big diffrence in power. When opponents have almost half of full cast with 95+ teams and your alliance have only few peoples with that power it’s very-very hard play against this bastards.

Second, ok, we make our strategy and force-up our teamplay for viable actions. But than all this turn in big wast of time when stronger alliances start work together. Do you understand what this is comletely cheating and unfair? Strategy, tactics, explore the map – all this instant stop work and don’t have any sense because some cowards with bad logic just do zerg rush. And repeat, and repeat. This is absolutely not fun.

If someone think what it’s ok – this game is international. So many peoples don’t understand English or any other languages. And how they must make pairs agsinst smartassed cowards?

So make fair 1 on 1 war. Or make 3 pairs and 2 on 2 on 2 battle where each alliance have a friend and safe territory.

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when will alliance wars be released to the public gamers


Open Beta is mid March. Everyone can participate in that.

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So @Gentjan1987 your alliance didnt try to team up with SOD and the following day you took SOD out while they were at rest??? Just a question…

Stop trying to blame people for the reason why you guys cant make no friends around take your rejection as a big man you deserved it…

I know its been a while but i really needed to say something.
If you lost thats your own thing stop trying to make excuses for poor gameplan…

Dont forget this is OUR WORLD NOW you will be hearing that name alot…


That’s interesting. Hopefully we’ll get rewards at the end of the war.


Yeah yeah. Team up when you can’t do it on your OWN. At least change the name to something else :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


So when is the beta for all alliances starting?


The devs mentioned next week.


Si pas de problème dans leur ajustements, ça devrait redémarrer dans la semaine


I have an issue with the war map it will not allow me to see where my markers are and nore the sectors light up! Have to send pictures either on discord or out of the app!

If anyone knows why and understands without pics please help!!:+1: