Alliance Wars Beta: The Haywired Edition


Totally agree with your last comment


Fun little bug I found that the devs may want to look at @Muninn @Huginn

It’s the end of the first war but we’ve got some guys from TGL4E creeping into our territory. In order to stop their advance, I was going to put my strongest team in the tile. However, that string team was in another tile that was under attack. Since a fellow member was already in there defending the tile, I figured I could move my team to the new tile. Instead of doing it the typical way I was doing it previously (find tile my team is in, remove team, add defense to new tile - or in the base of a contested tile, retreat), I just went to the tile I wanted to defend and clicked on the move button for each hero I wanted to move. Lo and behold, I now have duplicate teams!

Tile 177 is the one I moved my team to using the move feature. Tile 259 is the one I moved from. Note that the team in 259 I can’t remove even if I wanted to. Not sure they enemy can even attack it.

Just wanted to let you guys know.


Thanks for this. I’ve let the team know!


Hey Haywire0311, glad to see you are really enjoying Alliance Wars! What you’ve stumbled upon actually isn’t a bug, and is something we plan to explain better in the next update. When you are attacking, you actually use a separate pool of your heroes than when you are defending.

So when you Add Defenders to one of your own Sectors, it uses your Defender Heroes, which can be moved around to any of your controlled Sectors(unless it is Under Attack). So your heroes in Zone 9 of Sector 177 are from your Defender Heroes pool.

Alternatively, when you attack an enemy Sector, it uses your Attacker Heroes. Attacker Heroes occupy the enemy Zone they capture and cannot be moved. So your heroes in Zone 2 of Sector 259 would have been from an attack you made on OUI’s Sector. They remain there until they are defeated or the entire Sector is captured. If the sector is captured, all Zones are cleared of Attacker Heroes, and the Sector is shielded to allow your Alliance sufficient time to place Defender Heroes.

You should not have been able to remove those heroes from Sector 259(since you are attacking that Sector), so there may actually be a bug there and we will investigate, but based on your screenshots, everything looks the way it should.

Thanks for the feedback so far! We are excited to see how everyone’s strategies change for War 2!


Thanks for the feedback. I would test it out more but the wars are done for now. I’ll play with that more in the next one.

On a side note, I consider myself a fairly slender guy with proportionate fingers. However, that survey link in the message sent in-app is damn near impossible to tap. I can’t tell you how funny I must look trying to tap that link every which way. Therefore, at this point, I can’t take the survey. If that’s the case, just consider this thread my feedback.


Good posts haywire fair summary. Thanks devs it was great to have a new mode. Lots of chat in our alliance and thinking.

It’d be nice if the attacks had some skill rather that auto.


Would like to see less bounty and more war, if there was more to do. The strategy was fun and it could be a great addition. having 15 points to play with, which u can use quickly, means a player isn’t engaged a lot of the time. I’d like to see real pvp in it, more points for period# of time so it’s a real battle, and some missions l8ke capture the flag or hold a 3* site etc. Good development though thanks.


Didn’t think of this. I LIKE this idea!!!


Day 7 - Closing Time

Well, that’s all she wrote folks. War 1 is over and based on what the devs said we get a couple days rest before the next one kicks off. Here’s the message from the devs

Overall, we finished 5th and placed 2nd on our map. Not too shabby for our first go at it. Would be interesting to see what reward me are for this event.

My final thoughts:

  • I really like this new addition to the game. Based on the survey questions, I believe that HHG has a lot more in store for this style of event. Can’t wait til it hits the masses.
  • Alliances are becoming ever more important. And not just being in an alliance. Being in a communicative, social alliance is key.
  • Some heroes are going to take on key roles in alliance wars
  • Top 5 to 15 hero power is going to matter greatly in the future.
  • Letting heroes wither away on your bench may not be the way to go. May have to start building your whole team up.

I’ll start a new thread for the second war. Thanks for following along folks. Feel free to ask any questions or post comments on the first war here. Be sure to follow up in a couple days when the next war kicks off.

Semper Fi


I guess so far the best screenshot of the alliance wars so far lol.


Controlling the middle and in the same time on the last day we tried something Different. It was fun to do so. 4th on the first war though.


I gave up on Alliance War haha. D4RK NOVA - Patriotic Bastards


We had a few people in the alliance really take to it. A couple didn’t understand what was going on at first. But majority of everyone play along and I think enjoyed it. I myself found this to be my absolute favorite game mode. Heywire, your post was spot on and very informative. You hit on many of the improvements I would love to see. These are a couple that I think will help improve the experience.

• Leaders can remove all defenders from a sector. This would be very helpful. Many times you would like to have better defenders in a sector but you have to wait for the person to log on. One time I contemplated giving an ally a couple of our sectors so they would have an avenue to help us attack someone. Being able to remove the defenders would’ve made this much easier to accomplish.

• Star sectors open up a larger area of the cloud of war. Makes the sectors even more valuable. Maybe for one star extend two more hexes. 2 star four more hexes.

• Different colors for defend and attack orders.

• Add no attack markers. Allow us to Mark territories to not be attacked.

• Increase the zoom out range so you can see more of the map.


And that is bad think of this game and alliance wars. Alliances are getting to together so they can beat someone and because is mostly a game mode based in power and obviously the battle points are same for everyone. How you supposed to fight when they have teamed up? And if I’m honest is the same alliance that always does cheat. That alliance is The only reason why bounty now have 25 max players to hit bounties.
Basically hero hunters should make sure to find a way for them not to see on the map and then they team up. They team up and as are lazy and they can’t do it on their own.


Not sure why I didn’t see this earlier. I pretty much copied a majority of your suggestions and added to my new thread on war 2. Some really great ideas here devs!


@Gentjan1987same alliance that always cheats? What am I missing here?


I’m not quite sure I’m following here. If an alliance teams up with another to fight, what’s the issue? Counteract by teaming with another alliance on the map to fight back. And your roster is locked during wars so not like you can switch players in and out.


You know better then me kraterios and the person has even replied to that as well. Basically well known issues are there as we are in the same map with two OWN alliances and even that they teamed up to cut us sectors and block us for the middle. HH should do something about it as means we against 3 alliances is not possible. Basically us with 25x20 battle points is 500 total. But if we are against 3 alliances means 500vs1500. Basically as per coming out clear OWN try to play it clear at least on the beta test and don’t cheat as per on bounty. Lucky HH have changed that. And I wish you luck to ever in the history getting the first spot. (Sarcastically) lol


@Gentjan1987 I’m not with own or your war map?


He’s mixing up the various OWN alliances. Not sure you realize @Gentjan1987 that we aren’t the OWN alliance at the top of the bounty boards. Neither is the other OWN alliance on our map.

It would be nice if HHG could stop feeder or sister alliances from being on the same map; however, I don’t think that is technically feasible due to various reasons.

With that said, I still don’t understand what your complaint is. Are you upset that other alliances are forming treaties to stop you guys from being number one on our map? Whether a sister alliance was on our map or not, treaties will be made in broken in order to gain the top spot. To say no one should be able to work together defeats the whole purpose of alliances and teamwork.