Alliance Bank & Vault?



Can there be a safe deposit box, a bank or investment in which the members of the Alliance members will be used, and whether the elements to be used by clan members will be retained when asked to do so?


Yes you are right bro.


I am waiting how they will answer .
Am agree too


I do not get the intention of it. You will not lose any of your resoources if you just keep them untouched at your account, so why store them somewhere else?

Or do you want to put them in there and any member of the ally could grab what he needs? Like a trading platform? Because that would be exploited and break the game.


Feeder accounts here I come


Of course as like trade platform or helps from friends


If anything it should be for upgradeable perks for the alliance as a whole but then itll be similar too many other games


Alliance members; can transfer the surplus material to the alliance case for a certain price. Alliance members can get what they need from the alliance case. Such a feature can also increase inter-alliance competition.


This makes no sense whatsoever


As always, we see all of your feedback and suggestions, but we can’t promise anything! Thanks guys.


It would break the game because of this