A Suggestion To Fix Alliance Wars Matchmaking

I thought of that too, but maybe add an option to where a player has to be xxxxxx amount of power to join alliances in certain leagues. Might be too many steps involved with that but something is needed, and they could make something happen. / help not completely fix. Most of the sandbagged teams are still beast even if they were full. So yeah i agree with you ghastly no real solution yet. But it would help even out a few

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Something really does need to be done about the sandbagging in war. More teams are starting to do it and it really does ruin the event for lower powered teams.

I brought this up 2 months ago and nothing was done about it, so I have little reasons to believe anything will be done about this in the next 2 months since this is not an easy problem to fix. Sandbagging/MinMaxing in PvP has been an issue from day 1 and is still a problem today.

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I totally agree with you Raz

i think somebody already mentioned it, if they match the top 6 together it will be rough, there are 30 mill power alliances and 15 mill power alliances. Good game if they get matched together because one team is ranked 5th and the other team say is 2nd. Wouldnt even be fair. But you could match from rank 1 - 100 starting from the top and matching close powered alliances taking the first 6 teams that are close to each others power. It could work that way

Another food for thought.

What if teams with 25 members only face other teams with 25 members?
Any less than 25 then all those teams get pooled with eachother and face eachother off. So sandbagging teams vs other sandbagging teams.

To reduce the sandbagging a little more with the teams of 25 vs 25, make it so players have to be a certain power level to even be able to participate in a certain bracket.
Expert bracket. All players need to have a minimum power of 800k or 900k power to even participate in that top tier bracket.
This way a team can’t just have players with powers of 1mil-1.3mil power then fill 5 or so spots with very weak players below 100k. If teams are able to add the really weak players then the 25 vs 25 still won’t reduce/stop the sandbagging.

They can put power brackets in AW and those teams that don’t have enough players that aren’t strong enough for war can’t participate. So something like this can also be implemented without losing an arm or a leg. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You know what, this could completely solve the problem and would make war fun again for the newbie and lower powered teams!
Let’s hope the devs take note and listen,

@Muninn @LordNikon


I’m sorry that Alliance Wars aren’t fun for lower-leveled teams. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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