A request for new modes

Lets take all of the ideas thst came up in the last 2 mponths or so about these new modes. Can the devs make it a reality? Im getting tired of the same old modes all of the time.


The game has always been a grind, it was a long long long time between something new and AW being released, based on my own knowledge of how games are made and updated. If they start working on new modes today you won’t see them for at least 4-6 months from now.

But to continue your conversations as feedback, what modes would be good?

I personally would prefer bounty to be redone before we get any more modes.

I would say reework the bounty, and add some modes that people had suggested like some recent ones that i kinda liked

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For example, I have a idea where you acually fight people in war, not being like just taking a sector

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I myself will be calling it quits soon m8. No new campaign missions…no new game modes…just new heroes to level up…for what purpose. The co ops are well boring…500+ days to my account btw…

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Coop PvP, setup just like the current coops (three hero’s per player - except no duplicates on the same team) and honestly they could use the same PvP arenas.

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Oh yes… that would help…

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