7* Heroes: Rarity vs Capabilities

Bruh, Gammond has a generic sniper rifle and he is frontline. Can anybody tell me why that is?

But he’s not “sniper class”. Only rear line heroes are “sniper class” no matter what gun they have! That’s what I learned from this thread.
Like… Flatline with her revolver is definitely “sniper class”. Because she’s rear line. Also Min and Francoise.

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Maybe Gammond is tank type? You know huge health, good armor, skills which make him stand against any dd.

Brogan it’s a true sniper. Stealthy bullseye shots, any direct confrontation. And yes M-16 it’s a rifle too. Btw, use both Dogface skills and you got same ammo clip and temp of fire, lol.

His gun is a rifle - yes, but not a sniper rifle. It’s an assault rifle. He’s got a 48 ammo clip and it’s not suitable for long-range use. IMO Brogan should be mid-line instead. He, and his play style, has nothing to do with sniping or stealthy bullseye shots. 70% of his shots will miss the target. He even benefits from missed shots in his Gold Skill.

Keep it classy, guys. If this gets heated, yellow cards are coming.


That definitely escalated a lot quicker than I thought. Thanks for keeping it in check.

It’s funny because the 1* heroes seem to be the most used and really the mostpowerful… Dogface, castellan, kunochi, maven, keel…