3 Nerfs that NEED to happens


I’ve played against an all healer (Flatline, Nightingale, Operator, Heimlock, Butter) a few times now and lost. Ok those were not my best heroes but still. Nightingale’s focus fire does get heroes down.


Thinking about Nightingale a little more, the best balance for her in my view would be to remove her Stun or Mark, or both.

She can keep her ridiculous OP healing (passive AND active) and keep her title as the best healer in the game… fine with me.

But the best healer in the game…

Plus the best DPS support…

Plus the best CC support?

Comon lets make this a bit more fair.

Seriously, Night’s entire package has no equal. No other hero in the game is like her in that there is no downside to using her, in any team, none at all. No tactical tradeoff in using her vs any other healers. She is an auto choice and a complete no brainer in any team composition (and much worse in 3-man brawls).

I love Nightingale and her legendary skin and all that but that must give way to bringing a better and more varied game experience for all.


What? How is this related at all?



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Not to go off topic on an important thread buuuut, that girl reminded me of this gem:


I did

extra characters just because