27000 vs 72000?!


I generally tend to get matched against people 2k or 3k within my power level but 2 days ago I got matched to a player with 72k power when my power is 27k! Needless to say I was immediately pulverized.

Is the matching system truly this bad to allow this blatant abuse? Was the guy cheating?!



wow, this is so weird, I dont think this guy is cheating, I can say that guy was surprised of this matchmaking either


This is an exceptionally odd case and most probably a glitch.


Now this deserves an F for respects


Agreed with @ULFPAM, this looks like the result of a bug. I haven’t heard of this happening since the huge matchmaking glitch a few months ago.


Dyslexic matchmaking that got your 2 and 7 mixed up? Thought you were 72,168? :joy:


Lol. That’s what I was thinking.
I’ll bet Scruge McDuck got a good laugh out of that one.


This one is bad luck, I had a 7k mismatch yesterday in my benefit, but this rarely happens in my experience, the biggest problem is 10* with plat bars(mostly a panzer) paired with 5-7* plat/gold hero’s

This is not your case though, I hope this won’t happen again for you